We are a small family run enterprise who are passionate about British and German automobiles.  With our global network of contact and suppliers we are able to source and import high quality prestige and performance cars from around the world.

As well as stocking our own cars we are able to source cars based on client requirements.  Our philosophy is a simple one, good cars, personal service in a relaxed non pressured environment.  Whilst we do enjoy Only Fools and Horses we are certainly no Del-Boy.

The majority of our RHD cars may have been manufactured in the the UK or Germany and originally delivered new to Japan, this has a number of benefits especially for older cars.

Firstly the import taxes on foreign cars in Japan can often almost double the manufacturers price, as a result of this these cars are very expensive and as such they are usually well pampered single owner cars for their life in Japan.  The Japanese culture is one of respect and usually these cars become a part of the family, used only on special occasions and are meticulously maintained. 

Secondly, the roads are very congested in Japan and they have a comprehensive network of toll roads even on regular suburban roads this means it becomes rather expensive for each mile driven.  Coupled with this and their drive to keep pollution down after a car is 7 years old their equivalent of an MOT becomes more stringent as each year passes....it's not uncommon to have a 20 year old car with only 20,000 miles!

Thirdly, their climate is generally mild and barring a few of the very northern islands salt is not used on the roads, for buyers of older Jaguar, Daimler, MG, Mercedes W124 etc will know this is usually the biggest enemy and the costliest expense if one needs to cut out and repair rust.  Some might argue once a car has been cut or welded it is no longer original, we find with Japanese cars this is not an issue.

Finally, the Japanese export certificate issued by the equivalent of their DVLA shows the mileage when the vehicle was exported in addition to this usually also two previous years mileage readings which confirm the speedometer hasn't been tampered with.  Naturally many people are sceptical and ill informed when it comes to imported Japanese cars but they have a sophisticated motoring system and it's possible to find older British makes in outstanding condition with extremely low mileage.  

We often get asked about the difference in spec between a UK and Japanese import these are generally minor and usually limited to the radio frequency (Japan use a lower FM frequency than the rest of the world) however in an increasingly digital world this is hardly an issue the other difference is in the speedometer which reads kilometer's instead of miles again this isn't a major hurdle.

Most of our cars are located in London others are in Dubai, we are able to arrange shipping and clearing to practically any location at cost.